• Lecture by Prof. Hans T. Bakker, titled ‘Composition and Spread of the Skandapurāṇa: an Artist’s Impression’. This lecture concluded the VVIK Bakker Symposium, titled ‘The Study of the History of Hinduism in the Sanskrit Tradition’, held on 28 September 2013.
  • The unique photo book ‘De bibliotheek van het Instituut Kern: 1925-2010’, edited by Dr. Dory Heilijgers (in Dutch).
  • Kern Institute Miscellanea (KIM).
  • The Kern Institute has published 23 parts of the ‘Annual Bibliography of Indian Archaeology’ between 1928 and 1984. In 1997, a modern avatar of this project manifested itself as an online bibliography. The database ‘ABIA South and Southeast Asian Art and Archaeology Index’ is searchable online via this link and is freely accessible for students, researchers and those interested.
  • A reprint of the Sarnami study book Ká hál, written by the Sarnami poet Jit Narain and Theo Damsteegt, is available at Sarnamihuis (22,50 Euro) (in Dutch).