Previous VVIK events




VVIK lecture by Dr David Pierdominici Leão

Title: ‘Poets at the service of the Empire: identity and self-representation of the Ḍiṇḍima family’



VVIK lecture by Prof. Madhav Deshpande

Title: ‘The How and Why of Sanskrit Poetry and My Sanskrit Poetic Contributions’


VVIK duo lezing by Sanne Dokter-Mersch and Channa Li: Narratives and figures in transition

Title Dokter-Mersch: ‘“Consisting of all the gods”: Viṣṇu’s strength or weakness?’

Title Li: ‘Why must Devadatta be a good monk in his early religious career? How Vinaya discussions of Saṅghabheda help us make sense of Devadatta narratives’


VVIK lecture by Dr Csaba Dezső, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

Title: ‘A Passage to Dvīpāntara: An Imagined Naval Expedition from Ceylon to Laṅkā’


VVIK double lecture by Dr Kunthea Chhom and Dr Melinda Zulejka Fodor

Title Chhom: Sanskrit elements in Old Khmer language: a case study of benedictions and imprecations in epigraphy from Ancient Cambodia

Title Fodor: Connecting ancient to modern: The Saṭṭakas, Prakrit dramas between the 10th and 18th century India


VVIK lecture by professor Marijke Klokke and Mathilde Mechling

Title: ‘Technical research on bronze images from Indonesia’


VVIK lecture by Dr Anna Ślączka

Title: ‘How to make a ‘Cōḻa bronze’? Theory and practice of bronze casting in South India and the Rijksmuseum research on Asian bronzes’




VVIK lecture by Dr James Mallinson

Title: ‘Textual and Material Evidence for Links between Vajrayāna and Nāth Yogis in Western India in the 11th to 15th centuries’


VVIK lecture by Dr Charlotte Schmid

Title: ‘Kṛṣṇa, the butter-thief from North to South, Back and Forth’


Leiden Indian Philosophy Symposium

LIPS 2017: Tradition and Innovation in Indian Philosophy


VVIK lecture by Dr Alessandro Battistini

Title: ‘Flowers, daggers, and bitten lips: citrakāvya in Sanskrit literature’


VVIK lecture by Dr Somdev Vasudeva
Title: ‘Śobhākareśvara on Metaphor without Similarity’



VVIK lecture by Dr Michael Willis

Title: ‘The Indian Temple: Production, Place and Patronage’


VVIK lecture by Dr Elizabeth A. Cecil

Title: ‘Kāman, Kāmyaka & Kāmyakeśvara: Material Religion in Early Medieval Rajasthan (8th—10th century CE)’


VVIK lecture by Dr Nachiket Chanchani

Title: ‘The Emergence of the Himalayas as a Sacred Landscape’


Annual meeting 2016 (in Dutch)


VVIK lecture by Dr Lidia Szczepanik-Wojtczak

Title: ‘Kāvyapuruṣa: Sanskrit poetry’s primordial man and the creation of the kāvya cosmos’



VVIK lecture by Dr Daniela de Simone

Title: ‘Pāṭaliputra: New Research into the Capital of the Mauryan Empire’


Film screening ‘Sacrifice of Serpents’


Annual meeting 2015 (in Dutch)


VVIK lecture by Prof. Dr. Peter C. Bisschop

Title: ‘Iconography of the Gods in the Śivadharma


Book launch ‘Mijn reis in India, De dagboeken en foto’s van Jan Kornelis de Cock in India en Sri Lanka, 1909-1910’ by Alied de Cock


VVIK lecture by Dr Wu Juan

Title: ‘Violence, Virtue and Spiritual Liberation: A Preliminary Study of Buddhist and Jaina Stories of Future Rebirths of Śreṇika Bimbisāra and Kūṇika Ajātaśatru’